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The Great Pumpkin


Every year Linus waits in the pumpkin patch...

Could this be the year that the Great Pumpkin appears?!?!  As he and Sally stand vigil, a silhouette slowly appears.  “The Great Pumpkin! The Great Pumpkin is here!” exclaims Linus.  But alas, it is only Snoopy.  Maybe next year, if the pumpkin patch is truly sincere, the Great Pumpkin will show itself to the delight of Linus and Sally.

Brickheadz Linus with his trademark blanket and Sally with her beautiful blue dress and blonde hair stand in the pumpkin patch as the silhouette of Snoopy rises against the low, harvest moon.  Abundant foliage and both brick-built and molded pumpkins give you a sense that this is the perfect setting for the appearance of the Great Pumpkin.


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