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Modern Scarecrow


People in Lego City started growing food in gardens. Being that growing space is limited in a city; many people utilize community farms. As time passed, bird populations started to rise. Birds were happy with all the free food that was everywhere.  

People had no idea that they would have competition for the food they grew. Birds of all types started to eat gardens. Built as a way to scare the birds away, the modern scarecrow appeared in almost every garden. There were many different types, but the crow was the hardest to scare away.

Some of the scarecrows would use sound or lights as a way to frighten crows away. This model has leg joints. When the wind blows, the joints allow the scarecrow to make sudden movements and noise. Crows do not like this scarecrow. Crows rarely get a free snack in gardens with the modern scarecrow. 

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