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Shakespeare on Stage


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

During Shakespeare's "Tarantino Years", he wrote a little tale called "Titus Andronicus." I'd say more, but it would only insight nightmares. For the time being, just gather what terror you can from the picture. Maybe I'll share more as this spooky month of October winds along.


Exit Pursued by a Bear!

Well, let's start at the end...

In one of Shakespeare's final plays ("The Winter's Tale") Antigonus is charged by a jaded king to abandon a helpless child in the wilderness of the shores of Bohemia. The story eventually takes a light-hearted turn for the better, but not before Antigonus - while trying to return to his boat for the journey home - is approached and attacked by a roving bear. This is where William penned the famous direction "exit, pursued by a bear."

Don't worry, the baby lives, grows up, falls in love, and is reunited with mom and dad. I hope that didn't spoil it for anyone. I feel like "spoiler alert" isn't necessary for texts over 400 years old.

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