Product Idea

Seaspray Inn

  • This is a steampunk house built on a tree trunk base.
  • It, like many other steampunk creations is equipped with windmill blades and plenty of gears.
  • The back sports a waterfall coming out of the cistern from underneath the tower portion of the house.
  • This product would be a new opening for people's imagination which I believe many would be thankful for.
  • The back windmill is hooked up to gears which turn when the rotors do.
  • I believe that this would be a good set for all ages and would get older builders back into building. It would probably be wise to introduce this new style in a soft way such as a definition on the box or in the newest Lego magazine. As a builder, I have hoped to see steampunk Legos come out for a while and I'm sure that many would appreciate this kind of sets as much as I would.