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Azshrak: Reshaped Realms (Updates!)

Update: 02/13/14
I've rendered the images for the main image and for Loquina. It took forever, but hooray! looks pretty good.

Update: 12/16/13
The project is no longer proposing a series. The five models presented here will instead be sold in one large approximately $75 set.

Update: 11/11/13
Varma has been redesigned as a larger, pseudo-titan. Let me know what you think in the comments. You can see the original model down near the end of the project.

Update: 07/10/13
The Kragnar have been posted as their own project, view-able here

The Story:
The Saga begins with four heroes awakening in a massive underground cave (known as a Refuge), filled with machines and sleeping capsules. These four are the heroes of the tale, and are all of different species, none with any true memory of their pasts, save for that written on their sleep pods. Amidst a broken control room, they find that the world of Azshrak, in which they live, was reshaped a thousand years prior. These four have been assigned to scout out a new home for the still sleeping occupants (the Ookren) and awaken them when the time is right. Their awakening will be delayed however, as the heroes find the mechanism to awaken the Ookren is not working, and they will need to get a replacement at one of the other hidden Refuges scattered around the outer world.

Heading out, the group is first confronted with a small hive of monsters which have broken free from sleep and set up residence in the exit tunnels. Upon leaving the cavern networks, the group arrives on the surface, finding a strange and wondrous new land dotted with only a few structures from the old world still standing. Searching, they look for suitable habitation for the sleeping populace.

Problems arise when they are confronted with Queen Varma, who is not too interested in having the Sleepers awake. She is a dominating creature and commands the Kragnar, a group of monstrous beings that live in the wilds. Varma and her horde are not particularly enthused by the concept of sharing their space with 'Civilized Destroyers.' She even convinces Traela and a confused Drassnal to side with her. Every step of the way, the group is hindered from completing their mission. At last the two wayward Heroes return to their mission, stopping Varma and retrieving the replacement parts. The group also makes a shaky peace with the Kragnar, though this is not long lasting. They return to the Refuge where they awaken the Sleepers. Now freed, all begin to construct new cities at three separate locations.

(At this point, the story can end if it lasts only one season. However, more can be read in the Serials, Azshrak: The Chronicled Odysseys, seen below).


Drassnal is a warrior, armed with sword, strong wings, natural armor and the dark powers of shadow. He is greatly disturbed by these powers, and even more so by the lack of information of him in the history records. Whereas the others in the group are mentioned several times, his name shows up only during, 'The Falling Dusk,' when the world was reshaped.

The personality of Drassnal can be described as a knight, though an unsure and un-confident one at that. He tries to do what he believes is right and will not abandon a friend in need. Although he will not back down from a challenge, his greatest fear is his own shadow powers. While he can do some exceptionally useful tricks with them, he often feels plagued by fears while doing so. He also fears that they might somehow consume him one day...

A deft user of healing, Loquina can repair tremendous amounts of damage suffered by her comrades. She does this by a mix of her own recuperative powers and the ability to drain injuries from others: when the damage is drained from another, it is transferred to Loquina, whence she can heal herself.

Loquina's personality is quite passive, usually calm even under stress. She is almost always caring of others and is always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Aside from her healing powers, Loquina carries a small sword, capable of cutting through most armor or shields. She does not wear much armor, though this is mainly because she does not tend to get into many fights.

A fast hunter, Traela is skilled at scouting and survival in the wild. She is described as having found many ideal location sites for cities and bases in the past.

Her personality is friendly, though gruff at times. She tends to remain on topic, and can frequently have a one track mind. Traela also shows a great delight in nature, though she isn't troubled if its resources are used, if done so wisely. Waste of almost any form can make her exceptionally angry.

Her equipment consists of the massive claws she always seems to wield. She also wears an animal shaped helmet, the rest of her armor being naturally fused to her.

Powers include: exceptional tracking skills, good hearing, smell, amazing speed and uncanny dodging abilities. She is also surprisingly strong and quite deft with her oversized claws.

An outcast of the Skkrrk species, Zxxss is quite alone and fortunate to have met people such as Drassnal, Loquina and Traela. Unable to survive for long without the company of others, he feeds off the vibrations living beings give off. It does no harm to them, and instead empowers Zxxss' shock-waves when he fights in battle or heals his allies.


Season One: Varma:
Varma is a warrioress of both fiendish skill and intellect. Although she seems to have a code of honor, it never seems to stop her from pulling rather dirty tricks or from backstabbing an opponent. She is by no means a coward, and will fight to the death, however, only if there is something to be gained.
Her schemes are simple: remain Empress of the Wilderness and Queen of the Kragnar, while keeping all opposition asleep. She does actually seem to provide protection for her minions unlike most villains, though if this is for manipulation or a genuine care, no one can tell. She is quite effective at psychology, and is more then willing to trick others, though she is somewhat slow to betray another. However, Varma's supposed ideal of protecting nature is what tricks Traela into temporarily joining her.
As for powers, Varma is skilled in the use of weapons , though her most effective ability is her own strange powers. These consist of Nature Manipulation mixed with Shadow. She is not above using the latter to trick Drassnal into following her.

Varma wears only minimal armor, preferring dexterity to brute attack. Pictured here with poisoned claw and Shadowed Sword, it proves that she is far from defenseless.


These smaller sized creatures are some of the most adaptable beings on Azshrak. They can not only build and modify their environment, but to a degree they can do these adaptations to themselves, changing their armor and weapons to enhance things such as speed, strength, agility, sight, etc.

Ookren are not truly great fighters, as they instead focus on engineering and construction. In a corner however, they can put up stiff resistance.

These creatures are some of the first to be awakened by the heroes. They are also responsible for almost all the structures that still remain on the surface.

A Brief Note on Azshrak from the Author:
Bionicle was one of Lego's most popular and beloved series in its history. Its end in 2010 came as a sad blow to thousands of fans. Unfortunately, to many, its replacement, Hero Factory, has neither lived up to the same quality in both story and sets as its predecessor.
Azshrak is not meant to replace Hero Factory, but rather to create a new, original series that brings back the adventure and mystery that Bionicle had. It is a new story, unconnected to any previous Lego saga's or any other worlds.
Please leave suggestions or helpful thoughts in the comments section. While Azshrak may never truly live up to Bionicle's shear greatness, it is meant to supply fans with a new world to explore and travel in.
And I sincerely hope you enjoy it :)


Number of supporters required for next serial release:
0: Part 1: A Sleeping World
15: Part 2: Dread Caverns
50: Part 3: The Surface
150: Part 4
300: Part 5
700: Part 6
1000: Part 7
3000: Part 8
5000: Part 9
7000: Part 10
9000 Bonus: Season 2

Note: writing will start when support is achieved. The serial should be posted in decent time thereafter. Please forgive should a delay occur.

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