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Asterix Home with multiple functions



The Adventures of Asterix have inspired my son (6 years) and me to build the home of Asterix.


The house of Asterix is found in almost every Asterix adventure.

We tried to catch the rustic charm of the building. Iconic characteristics are rougly hewn, light-colored stones that make the front and back of the building. In the front there are wooden beams over the door and window. In the back there is a chimney and ivy growing up the wall. At the base of the chimney there is mysterious switch (not seen in the comic).

All walls are covered by a thatched roof. That is where random positioning of differently shaded grill plates and flat tiles gives an old and used look.

The interior requires a generous fireplace to roast wild boar. The fireplace can be lit by pushing the mysterious switch at the back of the chimney (never shown in the comic, but hey - it works).


The model is meant to be played with. Stability and access to the interior of the building is essential.

You can open the door to let figures walk into the house.

For a peek into the building, just open the roof. You can fold out one side or the other one or both. Now you can watch into the house. Let some daylight in. You can see a wooden table and a bench with some household stuff. Commonly, you will also see Obelix eating a wild boar.

However, for people with stubby fingers, it will be hard to move anything inside the house. But don´t worry. Put your clumsy thumb of the left hand into the door and the other clumsy thumb (that is the right one) into the window. Then move the left hand to the left and the right hand to the right. SNAP - This will split the building into two pieces that remain connected at the back.

Opening the house in this way also grants access to the fire roast. A wild boar on a spit awaits rotation.


In summary, the following functions are included

  • open the door
  • open both roofs
  • open the house
  • light the fireplace
  • rotate the spit
  • stay around and look archaic


What is missing? Unfortunately, Lego has never released an Asterix Set. So we sorely miss the matching Lego figures of Asterix, Obelix with menhir, Idex and 2 unlucky boars.

When your are a fan of Asterix, let Lego know it and support this house. This house could be the start of a new series of Lego Asterix sets.


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