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Kai's Upgraded Fire Mech Battle



I found the problem! Here are the pictures! :) 1: Kai in armor 2:Kai in thing that I don't know what it is called 3: Samurai X in cart 4: Samurai X!


Samurai X?

Do you think I should add Samurai X with a small vehicle? Here is a pic, hopefully.



If the pictures did not load, sorry! I thought they were there. Anyways, if you do not see them, let your imagination run wild! If you were begging to see them though, I put a kendo armor on Kai, and for the other one a golden sword holder thing, whatever you call it. Hope this some what helps!


Kai's suit

I didn't really know what to make Kai's suit to look like, so I. Thought Ambe you had answers. Tell me what you think what would make Kai's suit look good to you. Thanks! (P.S. Maybe these pictures are okay.)

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