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Scooby Doo and the Gang: Zombie House

The gang found a house for sell. The house use to be own a treasure hunter. The treasure hunter found a priceless diamond and hid it. He died and his body or the money was never found. They were rumors he recorded instructions how to get to the diamond. Three people wants to buy the house but the ghost of the treasure hunter is back. Figure out who is the ghost by looking for clues.

Here is a closer look of the zombie. If you want a closer look at the gang, go to the mystery machine project.

here is the back/ inside of the house. includes 2 beds, and a piano. There is a ice axe on the floor. A clue.

Look under the rug, you will find the tape.

Left: He is a treasure hunter that spends most of his time in the desert. He has been to Antarctica to study penguins for a short time.

Middle: He has always like to climb things. He spends most of his time climbing on the mountains in Asia.

Right: He likes to dig in the ground to find things. He usually digs in ice or snow. He once found a skeleton in the ice.

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