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Jw Mosasaurus


The Mosasaurus was the second most iconic of the 2015 hit film Jurassic world. It's iconic leaping out of the water to catch a shark hanging off a rope as food.

As you know when Lego released their Lego jw line they where missing this very important character. This was a big problem because those who wanted to recreate the movie couldn't and would have to resort to using other toys like the Hasbro Jurassic world toys.

This model includes the Mosasaurus which can size up nicely with the existing Lego Jurassic world line. I have based the colour scheme off of the Mosasaurus in the Lego Jurassic world game because they would be the most believable colours to put on it as it was Lego's design. It also includes the shark. For him to feed on. If this project becomes popular I will add the cage and monorail and possibly some minifigure such as Zara the Mosasaurus trainer and a visitor. and a pterosaur. And I might possibly add a brick built I-rex.


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