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Here is a design of Godzilla that I based on a old Lego dinosaur model. As you can see I have tried to go into as much detail as possible and I have based the design from the old Godzilla style from the 70s.

The jaw is movable so you can open and close the mouth, I have also included a moveable tail which can pose up or down and left or right , the arms also move and so do the hands. The legs can also move so you can pose the figure into many different positions.

The design is all in black as Godzilla was black, The ridged back plates I have done in white and have designed many different styles and heights and also angled some of them to give the effect.

I think this would be a great design for Lego as it is  quite a fairly medium build. If you would like to see this in the shops please vote and support

Many thanks

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