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Batmans Secret Underground HQ

Thank you so much for taking a look at Batmans Secret HQ!!!!!!!!!!This is a homemade Batman lego model that consists alot of detail.

This is the cockpit of the Bat Ski. Unfortunately, you have to take batmans cape off, but the windshield can fit with batmans mask on!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I added a little feature behind the seat which is a batarang holder where you can place the batarang for storage. On the front of the HQ, there is a lift that really lifts up the Bat Ski with a piece that has a hole in it.

This is the Bat equipment area. There are two binoculars, one batarang, and one handcuff. You can fold up the ladder to make the gear hidden. Then you can fold down the ladder to reveal the equipment and equip batman for his next mission!!!!!!!!!

This is a added feature I put into the set. A custom flick fire missle is on top. You just flick the back of the missle and it shoots pretty far. Underneath is a secret compartment that a skeleton is hidding. I thought that might be a good added feature I should add. To the right are some ladders for detail.

This is a side view of the HQ. Thank you so much for taking a look at Batmans Secret HQ!!!!!!!! Please support and comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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