Product Idea |

Huge SUV


This is my Huge SUV, a 7 seats beast that want to eat the road!!!

It can host 7 minifigures aboard with alle the comforts they need!!!

Check the steering wheels system, the front and rear basculant axle suspension system and all you can desire on a full-size american SUV!!!

Other features including opening doors and tailgate, fog lights and turn signals on the side mirrors, tachymeter and rpm counters over the adjustable steering wheel, big exausts, automatic gearbox controls and navigation system, also a smartphone holder!!!

On the back of the first and the second raw of seats there's an entertainment system and also on the roof there are two screens.

The second and the third raw of seats can be completely removed to have bigger load space in the back or also create a "living room" turning the seats of the second raw. 

Check the airscape roof with courtesy ligths, completely removable to access seats more easily.

There's also a sound system in the doors near the handles and between the seats there are drink cups holders!!!!

The Huge SUV can also tow because features a tow hook in the back!!!

size: around 10x39 studs

Bricks: 742

Difficulty: medium