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Medieval Inn


Medieval Inn

 This project is slightly simplified and little bit highlighted my previous project (

On this modular building I was inspired by a lot of pictures from Internet resources, such as Patrick Massey’s Westwood Inn. 

 My project is still consists of about 2500 bricks and two parts: the Inn itself and the wagon of a fortune teller. The Inn consists of three floors: 

  • the first floor is dining room with fireplace and open veranda,
  • a second floor is a bedroom with balcony,
  • the third floor attic with all sorts of boxes, barrels and other supplies

Many of my buildings I try to paint in autumn colors, such as bright orange, dark red, olive green and sand yellow, but I decided to take into account your comments and paint it into summer colors to make it a little bit brighter.

The project also includes 10 minifigures:

  • a jester,
  • a fortune teller,
  • a traveler,
  • two peasants,
  • a hostess of the Inn,
  • a pig,
  • two kittens and owl.

The second floor of the Inn, the roof of the Inn and the roof of the wagon are easily removed. The whole model is fully playable.

And I must to say that this building is second from my small medieval town:)

I hope you enjoyed

See you soon