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Roadrunner With A Wheeled Cage


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I tried to create a high mobility toy with little bricks, that way even small children can enjoy assembling it while playing it in different ways.

In this one, I tried to create a funny image of the roadrunner, and keep it cool at the same time. There are 8 parts of the bird can be rotate or adjusted, including: head, both wings and feets, tail, police light, and the gas vent. With the wheeled cage you can imaging that this could be a cop bird and he is on his way to tranfer the prisoner. Therefore, you can use your own toy charactor to play along with this design, put it on the roadrunner's seat or keep it in the cage. you can always connect or disconnect the two part, and as you notced, there's even a extra connector at the end of the cage which can connect more stuff if you want.

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