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Teen Titans Go!


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This is the Titans Tower from the Cartoon Network series "Teen Titans Go".

Inside are 5 bedrooms and the living room. I couldn't get pictures in text though.


There's cyborgs room/ the garage. ( Different car)

There's Beast Boy's room, with newspapers and junk on the floor. He also has a TV and a game system as well.

There's Raven's room, with cages, candles, and her bed.

There's Starfire's Room, with way too many stuffed animals and a makeup station.

And...lastly Robin's room, with his computer and cameras of the tower. He has his grapples stuck in the wall and a punching bag and a bed.

And also, the Tv room, with a TV and a couch, and trees.

But wait! There's more...

There's also the characters. ( Cyborg, Beast boy with cat and dog transformations, Robin with staff, Starfire, and Raven.) Sorry, I had to use online Pieces, so no fancy customs.


Aaaannnnddd....that's all folks! Hope you like it, and I have more projects coming! Please support!