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Arrow Cave from TV's Arrow


The model is based on the Arrow Cave from the TV show Arrow. The cave is in an underground bunker structure, seen in seasons 1-3, situated under Oliver Queens night club Verdant. The cave acts a base of operations for Oliver and his team to work and fight crime in Starling City.

This model took me 4 days to plan and build. I have always been a fan of Green Arrow and DC and i finally decided to build it.

The set contains an overall of 919 pieces and is approximately 54 studs in width, 48 studs in length and 13 bricks high. It contains the main structure, a research lab, 2 motor bikes, a load of weapons, a weapon rack ,2 bows, a science lab, 2 costumes, 2 quivers, 5 characters ( Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Sarah Lance, Roy Harper and John Diggle) a medical lab and a training facility

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