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We All Scream For Ice Cream


This is my Lego Ice Cream Shop set. I made it because I think almost everybody like's ice cream. this Lego idea has 16 mini-figures, 2 bike's, and 2 motor-sickles. plus allot of accessories. I really think that this set is a good idea and I hope all of you think so to. 

The Ice Cream Shop itself is fun to play with even if you don't have and mini-figures. same go's for the figures, there fun to play with even if you don't have the Shop. So all together you'ed have a very fun Lego set. And you don't even have to play with it, you could just pout it on a shelf for look's. You could also play with it once or twice then pout it in your Lego pile. Or you could give it to someone else. 

I hope you all Support and Follow this Lego idea.

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