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Self Service Restaurant


My lego

My self-service restaurant has many elements which may be of interest for an audience of teenagers or even childrens: inside and outside tables, a mini-park in the front of the restaurant, a kitchen in the back of it, many ice-creams, the distributor of drinks and many others interesting accessories. The set has got a slide and a basket ( and of course a ball to allow you all to play with it ).

The predominant colours are bordeaux, pink and white, even if there are some details with blue, gray and others colours. In the sides of my set lego there are two large windows to allow everybody to see the restaurant and, at bottom of the main room there is a cash desk.

It may also be a pleasure for those who, for example, have no place to eat their mini figures! Remember that the food here is cheap, in fact the restaurant has many types; vegetables, fruits, meat ... The number of pieces in my set are ...

Why buying this set

Almost I forgot to say that for each table there is a plate to allow each one to order or use what he wants and eat right away hot!

If the service does not satisfy you or is not efficient, you can call new chefs from around the world whenever you want! Every now and then, you can get some food examiner to rate your dishes, and earn new customers if the result is positive!

The idea for this set came to me with my lego. I saw that I missed a place where the characters could eat. I did a search on the Internet if it existed, but there was just a self-service restaurant of "Lego Friends". So I started working on the project with this motivation and went on to add pieces.

The story behind the scenes

Now it has the shape of a real restaurant: with bathroom, kitchen, small tables and a small playground on the front. One of the stories you can play with is making a happy family eat at one of these cheerful little tables.

This project has been designed to allow each of you to interpret a waitress, or a cook cooked! And if everything was up to you? If you do not present a delicious dish to an important visitor you will lose all your customers! It's all in your hands, it's up to you to be able to lose the calm. You can meet your lego or choose to arrange a class dinner. Maybe a work dinner was organized right in this place! Give way to the imagination in a scenario all yours!

You can also use the lego as a canteen if you want, or maybe even organize a theft inside! You have the maximum freedom, because the restaurant is yours!