Product Idea |

The Flight Simulator



The pitch and roll indicators

This build can show the status of orientation of your plane. The indicators show whether your plane is ascending or descending (pitch) and turning left or right (roll).


Switches To Change Motorized Mode to Manual Mode

I have added a feature to switch the way we operate this Flight Simulator from using motorized mode to manual mode. Just by sliding the switches, the Flight Simulator can be operated either using the Powered Up Control App or operated by hand. This means you can continue playing even your remote hub are running out of batteries power. Or may be, you just want to use your hand to control it.


How I control it using Powered Up + Control App

These are screenshots of the Powered Up + Control App


Test with a bigger plane

This plane is as big as LEGO Race Plane 42117.


Test with a small plane

The plane is my MOC.


Video of the Flight Simulator

This is the video to show how it works.
I used 2 MOC planes - small and big.
The big one is almost similar to the size of Race Plane 42117.