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The Flight Simulator


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This Flight Simulator allows you to simulate the flying of small LEGO planes.

It has the capability for pitching and rolling, just like a normal plane. Except it cannot yaw.

Two linear actuators are used to move the platform in order to simulate the flying of a plane on the air.

It can be controlled either via remote or manually by hand. There is a slider to switch from motor to manual. There is no need to disassemble any part. Thus, it is very convenient to continue playing even though you are running out of batteries power.

In addition, it has pitch and roll indicators. This is to simulate a plane dashboard with all the meters, gauges and equipment status panels.

With flight simulator like this, ones can learn the basics of flying and understand better how planes fly.

The best part is, it allows you to play and have fun with your plane set because now you can make it 'flies'.

So, this product is not only for entertainment but educational as well. I believe many of us dreaming of becoming a pilot, now you all have the chances for that at the comfort of your own lovely home. 

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