The Lord Of The Rings Elf Tower

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This is an elf tower that i built one day because i was in the lord of the rings mood...

I am also hosting a vote. if you want it to be from the Hobbit vote 1 and i will take new photos with out Frodo and Sam and i will add Fili, if you want it to be from the fellowship of the ring vote 2 and then i will take photos without Terrell. unless you guys wanted me to keep her in both sets as an added bonus in witch case put a 3 by your vote (With a space in between the numbers).

In this picture Gandalf is having a conversation with Sam and Frodo. I used a ton of little bricks to build the curved ledge and there are 4 golden chains in this set...

this is the stair case from the set... the hobbits (And even Gandalf) can walk through this doorway just fine...

And in this final picture you can see the cool archway that leads to the ledge from the staircase...
also on the front of the staircase their is a little golden statue/flag that bears the mark of the Elfs
(That was made up it is not in any movies)

Thanks for looking :D
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