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Hebebühne 4x4x4


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In german it will call "Hebebühne" or "Hubarbeitsbühne". The english call will be boomlift. My job is service technican that´s why I build this model an has the knowledge about the function´s

I build the first model with "42009" mobile cran unfortunately they have to less parts to build an complete model.

There for I had build it nearly complete with LEGO digital designer. The big cylinder "61927c01" will not included and some motors, too. So they are not seen or must be changed for an real functional model.

The functions:

  • the boom can lift up and down by one motor on turntable, up or down will conntrolled by switch on the first batterypack and the gear/clutch lever is for the function selection
  • the platform will be stay level to ground by 2 guides inside the boom while boom is raising up or down
  • the jib with the platform can be lift up or down by an extra motor inside the boom. Only for this is the second accupack and the switch on batterypack is for the up or down movement.
  • the turntable can turn around 360° it will moved by the motor on turntable and can be selected by the lever for boom lift or turntable rotation
  • all wheels will be steerable with 3 typ´s of steering: only front, all wheel´s for little turning circle or for driving diagonal
  • the steering selection has an lever on the left side and the steering works by hand with gear wheel on the front side


The dimensions:

  • when the jib is lift parallel to ground the model is ~75cm long
  • the chassis is ~38cm long and ~17cm wide
  • the turntable is ~21cm wide
  • when the boom and the jib are raised fully up the model is ~60cm high

At Lego digital designer are actually 1461 parts. The complet model has 1500 part I think.

In the future I will build similar model´s but they has other functions or other role model´s.


Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures and like to build the model

p.s.: I´m sorry if my english is a little bit sad ;)

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