Product Idea |

Lego University


Have you got beautiful modular buildings? Now you can upgrade your street with an university! This new modular building has got three floors with a tower. It has got a very beautiful interior with classrooms.

The building
 This 16th century university has many details. The main entrance is in the style of the renaissance. You see columns and a pediment with a statue of a graduate student above it. On the left and right you see lions. These animals are symbolic for power in the Greeks’ times. In this case they’re the symbol of the power of the university. Above the lions you see cornucopias that are symbolic for the fortune you get in your live after university. The front façade is enriched with statues of people and burgundy flags. Then, a roof with windows with original design. On the roof you see owls looking at the people in the city. The owls are symbolic for wisdom. The taps on the roof of the tower are flooding  you with the wisdom.

If you study architecture, you learn how to design buildings and how to make them. After school, you’ll design the new buildings of the future! There’re three tables in this classroom with four models of houses and buildings.

The inventors of the city starts here. They learn how to make machines, robots and other brilliant things. In this classroom you find two tables, a set of tools, one machine and a robot.

Here you find a kitchen, not for cooking but for doing experiments. There’s a dishwasher, a sink, a rubbish bin, a kitchen cabinet and a lot of Erlenmeyer flasks. On the table you run your experiments.

Lecture room
When the students have to learn something by listening, they go to the lecture room. Here the teacher can explain things. In this room rhere’s also a whiteboard and a beamer.

Graduation room
When you have finished the university, it’s time for your graduation! You find the costumes for the graduation in the tower. In this room there’re eleven seats. There’s also a podium with microphone.