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Cragger's Big Croc Swamp Speeder


The kids have been getting into Chima so I got a short lesson on Saturday morning and then we got the bricks out.

Cragger's Big Croc Speeder is a mechanised crocodile with a single fan engine and sail. Cragger flies round the swamp and it is well armed if he needs to enter the battle.

We think it would be a great addition to the Chima sets and given it borrows design patterns from one of our all time favourites the "Red Creatures" dragon (set 31032) we think it is also great fun to build.

Additional elements

There are a couple of pieces missing from our render:

1. Our model uses the Crocodile banner as a sail (pictured below, comes with the Croc Tribe set) but that isn't available in LDD and we are taking our first steps into rendering so we aren't skilled enough to add it to the picture outside of LDD. You can imagine it hanging from the spear cross bar.

2. To improve the weaponry and make the tail more fearsome we also added a spring loaded gun on the end of the tail on the model we made. This is part 15403, which we got in the Hydra Showdown set. We can't find that in LDD either. (also pictured below).

3. We aren't skilled enough to decorate Cragger in the software but you get the sense of it with the croc figure we used.

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