LEGO Space City

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Lego Space Cityis like a bit like lego city but in space.There is lots of space vehicles. There will be lots Space Cities. There could be lots of new mini figures that could be made. Also as being a space environment it gives many chances to have creative and new models.

There can be so many things like battles, armies, hovercrafts, spaceships, buildings e.g.

In lego Space City there could be an endless amount of ideas because you don't have to copy things in a film or book. That means you can make your own scenes and models

Of course there will be a few main characters. There will be good guys, bad guys, robots, androids, kings, queens, city people, alien people, maybe even zombies and many more.

If you have any ideas for LEGO space city and it is good i will make it on LDD and if it looks good I will put it into LEGO Space City

This is a Battle ship that will be used for Battles and it is also used for carrying troops

Bombs, used by 'gun' like trigger underneath
Posable wings
Openable doors that turn into a ramp back door (quick escapes)
Two moveable cannons

575 pieces

City Pod
This is a sporty hover car used by rich people in Space Cities

space speeder bike

inside of Battle ship
ramp out, wing up