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Retro Robot Cabinet


This is my Lego ‘Retro Robot Cabinet' 

There are six of retro robots in this cabinet.

I came up with the idea of Retro Robot Cabinet to use it as decoration for Christmas or give it to someone you love.
Last Christmas, I saw a picture that recalled memories of my childhood.

I had long been looking inside a toy store with my nose against the window.

The dollhouse, trains, blocks, robot...

I would like you to recall memories of your childhood like me when looking at my work and have fun putting pieces of six colorful robots together with decorations.

I tried to achieve the appearance of metal as much as possible with plastic Lego materials.

The Robots :
Extraterrestrial​, The Nutcracker, Santa Claus, Musician​, Lady & Gentleman

The cabinet can be used as a standalone model.

The first and second floors can be separated, and two drawers on the first floor can be opened and used.

It is built on base plates of 28x6 with approximately 900 bricks

Thanks for viewing this project. Please support my idea.

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