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New Cell Tower Design


After my first attempt at building a Cell tower using AutoCad and drawing my own Lego pieces.  There were a few comments about it and I felt it was best to use the Lego Digital Designer program and make this Lego Telecommunication Cell Site actually look close to a realistic site.  

I work in the Cell Site design field so this is just like second nature to me.  So here is what I have created for you to check out.

-Monopole c/w Antennas, RRU (Remote Radio Units underneath), a lightning rod on top and an Omni antenna.  Something I may update later is adding in a Microwave Dish part way down the tower.

-The fence concept is taking steel posts with angles and then attaching wood slats to them, strong and looks pretty good here, I skipped a space just so it didn't look to crazy. and of course a double swing gate.

-There is an electrical h-frame with auxiliary cabinet, a service meter,manual transfer switch and a light to shine on the cabinets.

-The cabinets are a typical 3 cabinet set up with cable tray running behind and over to the base of the monopole.

-Finally there is a generator, just in case Lego world goes dark and you need a boost.


So there you have it.  A Cell Site for those who want their Lego World to be connected.  I am in the creation stage of having a shelter site where the Lego mini's can go inside to work, and also a possible self support tower.  Please vote, add comments and or suggestions and I will try to update this as I can.