Oz the Great and Powerful - Oscar Diggs' Hot Air Balloon

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This set is based off of the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. It is the scene in which Oscar Diggs lands his balloon in the land of Oz ,and Theodora the witch finds him. It contains two minifigures (from left to right), Theodora and Oscar Diggs. It contains 101 bricks and could be sold somewhere about $20.00.

This could be another set in the series. It would be called, "Finding China Girl". It would cost around $14.00. It has 68 bricks including 3 minifigures. The minifigs would be Oscar Diggs, Finley the flying monkey, and China Girl. Oscar would have the same design as in the original set. Finley could either be a minifigure with short legs or be a newly molded brick. Please, if you like these sets support. Remember that this will probably not be the final build for the sets, so if you like the idea but not the build itself please support.