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SEPTA Silverliner II


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These electric MU cars were built in 1967 by the Budd company to serve the Greater Philadelphia area for the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Reading Company. From then on to 2012 they consisted of the backbone of SEPTA's (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority) regional rail service. They were built to replace PRR's aging MP54s and Reading's homemade "Blueliners". Although formally owned by both railroads, they were actually operated by SEPTA almost all of their career, as part of the state of Pennsylvania's attempt to continue faltering passenger traffic in Philadelphia. 2012 would spell the end for the Silverliner 2s as the were replaced, and subsequently scrapped, by the brand new Silverliner 5s. Now only 2 survive, PRR 266 and Reading 9001. I have built 4 versions. 1st, one as it would have appeared right from Budd's assembly line, with no logo or letterboard, perfect for customizing. 2nd and 3rd are virtually the same however, once decals are applied they would be more recognizable as a Reading Company version and a PRR version. Finally, the SEPTA red, white and, blue livery at the end of their careers.

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