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Spongebob and Patrick Go Jellyfishing


I introduce my latest creation. SpongeBob and Patrick Go Jellyfishing. Here we see the two best friends of Bikini Bottom decide to hit Jellyfish Fields with their nets SpongeBob's Ole Reliable and Patrick's original brown net. There are a total of four jellyfish surrounding the friends. The big question is how many will end up in the nets. There is a sign on the far right corner representing the sign saying Jellyfish Fields like on the show. The green flat tiling represents the grass. SpongeBob is wearing is famous brown pants and Patrick his famous green swim trunks. I built this set because everyone loves the show especially when they are at Jellyfish Fields. This set would provide hours of fun and much playability to anyone who owns it. It will also sell within the $20-$25 US Currency Range but higher in European Australian and Canadian Currencies respectfully. Big thanks to all who support and comment it is greatly appreciated and please don't forget to share on social media and other major websites!

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