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Ram 3500: Sport Edition


I introduce my latest project. Ram 3500: Sport Edition. This project is a four door regular bed truck with grey rims black tires black tow mirrors black roof orange diesel lights black grille clear headlights tinted windshield and clear fog lights. There is a grey trim that runs along both sides of the truck. It could have multiple purposes such as a work truck service truck delivery truck everyday truck or just as a mini-figs fun vehicle to take for a joy ride or maybe even off-road to get some mud on it. It also contains wide tow mirrors just in case it has to haul something long or wide such as a fifth-wheel camper to take to the camp ground or even a boat to take to the lake to fish and swim or to the ocean for a little salt-water fishing. You can fit four mini-figs in the truck comfortably. In an update I will have the fender area fixed and also have a picture of the backside of the truck. Thank you all for the support it is greatly appreciated.

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