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Batman The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


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Oh no! The Mad Hatter has mind controlled his once co-worker, Alice. Stop him and his (5) henchmen, and rescue Alice.


Orgins: Jervis Tetch, a.k.a The Mad Hatter was obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland" the book. Then his co-worker Alice broke up with her old boyfriend, Jervis dressed up as "The Mad Hatter" and took her out on a date. Later, 2 thugs try snatch Alice's purse. At the time Jervis was working on mind control devices. He mind controlled them to jump off a bridge. Batman rescued them. Later, Alice got back with her boyfriend. Enraged, Mad Hatter hyptotized Alice and some gangsters and thugs to be his henchmen. Batman stops him, and now Mad Hatter continues to capture Alice and forces her to have tea parties.




Mad Hatter


Henchmen (5)

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