First aid Mini-bots

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This is a mini set containing 4 characters, using technic & star wars bricks totally 99. It is not original from any CG or Sci-fi movie, I just made it for fun ... In the future city / town, these robots may work together searching & rescuing survives after disaster.

From left to right, we have:
- Correspondent "Sabo", responsible for communication & liaison with command post in variety situations, his hat & arms are actually both signal gaining devices

- Fire fighter "Ada", By carrying hyperbaric pot on back, he can provide multi-service including fire extinguish, leakage mending & trepanning. His small size also enable him to work in most kind of tunnels or chinks

- Doggy "Vicky", responsible for searching & locating life signals, Vicky is my favorite, cute with vivid actions

- Doctor "Emo", contains 15 joints across the body, he is responsible for providing 1st aid before a survivor is transferred to safety sites. Emo's flexible hands can provide simple operations under immanency

The 1st letter of their name gives "SAVE"!

A close up for Sabo & Ada. Ada is fighting a fire, while Sabo is connecting with command post

A close up for Vicky & Emo, they are dealing with a survivor. Emo is doing quick inspection (he switched to operation mode now), while our faithful Vicky is waiting aside

These 4 friends' most favorable thing is to celebrate! They play with each other as they saved life once again!

Sometimes, there could be a small "surprise"
Sabo ... &%^%^$(*()!
Ada ... Hey, I just cleared up this area!
Emo ... Ohh, gosh! How rude ~~~
Vicky ... (whistling)

OK, that's all, thanks for reading again! Your support are always appreciated!

Enjoy LEGO!