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Publix Supermarket


My son and I were playing with Lego bricks and we made a Publix Supermarket and we decided that it would be a good idea to make a more professional looking version using Lego Digital Designer and submit it for approval. The supermarket is full of everything you would find at your local Florida store, busy shoppers buying their groceries and other items such as pots and pans for cooking, plenty of carts and shopping baskets, a row of registers up front with different colored lights to indicate which registers are closed and open, and one designated as the express lane. There are workers as cashiers, baggers, and customer service managers in the back near the restrooms, and even a maintenance employee cleaning up a spill! The shoppers range from young and old and I have represented a variety of people that you would see doing their grocery shopping from parents with their children to, to individual shoppers, and police and firefighters doing their grocery shopping for their stations or just grabbing their lunch or whatever. There are sections of the store devoted to the frozen food aisles, standard groceries, and produce, and the front registers are lined with all the soda machines, candy and magazines commonly seen in every grocery store. There is also a corner near the front with the racks for newspapers and the store coupon/sales flyers, and the customer service center has a back wall loaded with grocery items and more that need to be returned to their proper place by the workers. The outside of the store is even embellished with details such as boxes and dumpsters in the back, and things such as streetlights, street signs, landscaping, a fire hydrant, sewer grates, trash cans, and cart return areas as well as some common wildlife in the form of birds and a squirrel! If this were to become an actual set, it does not necessarily have to be a Publix Supermarket, but it would be cool if the license were to become available. We just used the name and theme of our local chain out of convenience and as a way to personalize it a bit more. Also, working within the limits of LDD, I needed to use certain elements such as the claw pieces to get the carts and food items to attach, and in real life these elements would not be needed, therefore they can be removed should this be made into an actual set.

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