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The Captain America Hydra Train

This project is the scene from the Marvel movie: Captain America, The First Avenger where Captain America and his team assault Dr. Zola's train along a ravine in the Alps. This is also the part where Cap's friend Bucky Barnes falls to his death.

The set would include the train, two train cars, (one with exploding side and opening doors), the mountain fortress, a full oval of track, and 5 minifigs.

The Train. The roof on the back is removable, and there is a fully detailed interior with room for a driver. There is also a flap on the front that allows easy access to the battery box. The train hooks up with other cars perfectly.

Here are the minifigures included in the set:
From left to right:
Dr. Zola, Bucky Barnes, Hydra Heavy soldier, Captain America(WWII Gear), and Dum Dum Dugan (Bowler hat).
Bucky is holding a device for sliding down the zip-line, and Cap's shield is battle-scarred.

This is the Mountain fortress. There is a working zip line that runs form the top to the track, and an opening rock door. Captain America can be seen entering the secret base. Also there is a radio device at the top.

Here is the inside of the mountain. This is definitely not movie accurate, but I thought it was a fun addition. The base includes an easy chair, a table with candle and mug, and a weapon holder(behind Bucky).

I hope you like my project and will support! Please leave a comment on anything I should change.
Thanks again for supporting.

Project History:

* Updated Mountain Fortress

Coming soon, the first train car.

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