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Anatomic Kidney

For the next submission in my LEGO Anatomy Line, this is a human kidney. The color of the kidney is represented very well by the dark red brick. 

Outer Shells:
 The kidney is an end-organ that has a very smooth capsule. Three tubular structures enter and exit the kidney that includes the renal vein, renal artery, and the ureter, each represented by blue, red, and yellow respectively.

Inner Shells: The main function of the kidney is to filter and reabsorb fluid in the body. It is an exquisitely complex system that is simplified to the main collecting system of the kidney represented by the yellow bricks.

I think along with other anatomy sets could be incredibly useful tools to explore the structure and function of the human body. By incorporating building three-dimensional models that are constructed by hand, the learner is immersed in human anatomy. 

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