Product Idea

The Trulli of Alberobello

Step by step


Goccia a goccia arriveremo ai 5000! Grazie a tutti!


Little by little we will arrive to 5000! Thanks to everybody!

1000 Thanks!


Grazie ai 1000 supporters,
non avrei mai pensato di arrivare in 4 giorni a questo traguardo.
Molto presto ci saranno altri aggiornamenti e nuove foto.

Thanks to the 1000 supporters,
I would never thought to arrive in 4 days to this goal. 
Very soon there will be other updates and new photos.

Thanks for your kind support


Thanks a lot for the first 100 supporters and counting... 

I will publish an update with more photos, probably already this weekend.


Meanwhile, I created a shortened URL so that it will be easier to share and kindly support.

The url is this one

If you are really interested, it's also possible to share with the the following QR code


Thanks again and see you on the next update!