Product Idea

Meet The Band - Percussion

I play in the percussion of a concert band and thought to myself the other day "Hey! It would probably be really cool to make a little percussion set of my own" so I hopped on LDD and got to work. It took me about a week with several designs for the instruments to make them minifig size. I really hope you like it and support!

This is the percussion section of a band. it includes a set of four timpani, a bass drum, two snares, a triangle, a pair of crash cymbals, a pair of concert toms, a tambourine, two marimbas, a vibraphone, a xylophone, and a glockenspiel. It has all the crash, bang, and booming your heart may desire. Help the little percussion make it's way to the big leagues (figuratively of course) and become a real lego project!