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Technic Wheeled Exvacator (RC/ Pneumatic)


Thanks transmission driving ring elements which are used to pass two motions through a turntable, this wheeled exvacator has no seperate PF component in chassis and all PF components are placed in superstructure. The driving propulsion and steering torque are transfered from superstructure to chassis like the exvacator in real life (same principle as what appears in set 8043).

The exvacator has four RC channels (two IRs) and two gear boxes:

  • Channel 1, driving propulsion (AWD) or pneumatic propulsion switched by No.1 gear box (manual), powered by a 5292 9V motor;
  • Channel 2, upper structure rotation or boom lateral adjustment (Knickmatik) switched by No.2 gear box (manual), powered by a PF M motor;
  • Channel 3, steering (AWS) with functional steering wheel, powered by a PF M motor;
  • Channel 4, LED head lights.

Other features includes:

  • Central differential in drivetrain;
  • Pendular suspension;
  • Pneumatic dozer blade (manual);
  • Three air valves in cab, controlling three boom cylinders (manual);
  • Openable cab door;
  • Easy maintanance (eg. battery replacement).



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