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Fire Temple Volcano-Ninjago

This set is from the Ninjago TV series episode 10; when the ninjas attack the serpentine who have gone into the inner core of the fire temple volcano aiming to get the 3rd fang blade. This set has three main sections, featured below.


Includes 12 minifigures: Sensei Wu, Lloyd, Lord Garmadon, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Skales, Pythore, Chokun, Fang-Suei, and Slitheraa.

We would like this set to cost around $79.99.

This network of rocks connected by small bridges. It has a mechanism in the rock in the back where if you slot the Chokun minifigure into the hole, a rock falls, representing when they drill through the walls and make rocks fall. It also has a little hole to place the fang blade in (with a removable cover), which is where Jay is.

In the episode, Lloyd falls on a rock into the lava, which is overflowing the temple. It has a rock to put Kai on, because he tries to save him and unlocks his true potential.

This is the large staircase on the side of the volcano, which is the escape route for the snakes. The stairs are made of 2X4s, and there are holes in the wall for the sword of fire and the fangpyre fang blade. There is also a small hole that Pythore and Skales escape through. At the bottom left corner of the picture, there's a clip to put the fang blade for when it falls off the ledge on to a rock very close to the lava.

This is the place where Lloyd Garmadon's rock falls off of the cliff. There's a mechanism in the back to drop the rock when you pull out a lever.

By: jwbrick

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