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Queen, a live stage


A little modification on the description

I was inspired by the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the band Queen's other actual live stages. This project describes a scene, *an imaginary scene combining the "Live Aid" stage and their other performance stages. I focused on the recreation of actual detailed images of the members of the band. For example, I intentionally put a spare classical guitar for Brian May, who plays a classic guitar with the song 'Love of my life.' I also printed the Pepsi logo on the cups because Freddie Mercury actually put a lot of cups *of beers or beverages when he plays the piano. 

I also used only authentic LEGO bricks to build it, even the smallest part like drum sticks. The yellow bricks from the back part of the stage are from the 90s LEGO SYSTEM series, 6195 Neptune Discovery Lab. John Deacon and Brian May's hair parts are from LEGO Friends series. Freddie Mercury's hair and costume parts are also from the old 90s Paradisa series. Only *the Queen logo on the drum and Pepsi marks on the bottle on the piano are paper-printed stickers and then are put onto the original LEGO bricks. Most of the bricks are from the 90s LEGO series, with a few from 21st century LEGO series such as LEGO Friends. 

The movie Bohemian Rhapsody got 4 awards from the 2019 Oscar. With the old classical bricks, I think this project shows *the most classical ones recreate the most contemporary one. 


*I corrected some typo errors.

**I changed the stage background from a Queen logo to a live shot of the actual mini figure, when I submitted this project for the third time. I forgot to modify the description accordingly. So there is only one logo sticker in this project.

***My mom requested to build this project, my university's online community Ewhaian encouraged me to submit this project to LEGO ideas, and one of my closest friends pushed me to resubmit the project. :) Thank you all!

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