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Falcon Heavy (Saturn V Scale)


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The Falcon Heavy, SpaceX's most powerful rocket yet, will be unveiled in November. Envisioned by Elon Musk, this rocket is reusable. It consists of 3 Falcon 9 cores (first stages). This is built to the scale of the Lego Saturn V (1:110 scale), and would add to anyone's' collection of rockets. Contains 1263 pieces.

This set would be an excellent way to celebrate the new age of reusable rockets! After many years of development and tests, SpaceX introduced the Falcon 9. It's a rocket capable of more than 1.7 million pounds of thrust. It could have a loss of 2 engines and still function properly. In December of 2015, SpaceX successfully landed a Falcon 9 on ground. The next year in April, they managed to land on a drone ship in the ocean. 

The Falcon Heavy does everything a Falcon 9 can, but stronger and better. Consisting of 3 Falcon 9s, this beast has a trust of 5.13 million pounds. The first launch is in November 2017.


This set contains:

- 3 falcon cores

- 1 interstage 

- A set of fairings to contain cargo

- 1 satellite 

-  Deployable landing legs

- Steering grid fins

-  Maneuvering thrusters 

- 27 total Merlin engines

- 1 Merlin vacuum engine (in interstage)

- 2 microfigure astronauts


Standing over a half meter tall, this is scaled to the Saturn V set, and other Lego ideas. This is another great addition to anyone's' collection. 

Please inform others and share this project so we can reach 10,000 supporters, and so you can have this very set in your room!


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