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Lego Architecture- Egypt


Egypt is one of the most architecturally gifted countries in the world, boasting some of the world most famous landmarks, from the Shpinx to the Great Pyramid of Giza (as this project ensures the sculptures are mostly in scale to one-another, the pyramid of giza isn't featured, otherwise it may need a more than 20x20 base plate!). I haven't made an architecture-based project before, so I thought why not give it a go?

This project features 5 examples of Ancient Egypt's most stunning architecture, which are as follows (from left-to-right):

  • Abu Simbel- This is a Temple Complex made up of two temples; the Great Temple and the Small Temple. I decided to create the Great Temple, standing at 30m high, which was carved into a solid rock cliff-face during the reign of Ramesses the second. Two colossi are seated on either side of the temple entrance, depicting Ramesses II on his throne. It's estimated to have been constructed between 1264-1224BC.
  • Philae Temple- The Temple of Philae is located on a small island within the Nasser Lake, and was constructed as a place of worship for the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. The construction of this beautiful temple began in 370BC.
  • Heliopolis Obelisk- Located in Cairo, this is Egypt's oldest standing obelisk. It stands 20m tall, and weighs a whopping 121 tonnes. It was built during 1972-1928 BC during the reign of Pharaoh Sesostris I.
  • The Great Sphinx of Giza- This is one of the worlds most famous landmarks, and is believed to have been built during 2,558-2532 BC, by the 4th Dynasty King Khafre. The Sphinx has the head of a human and body of a lion, faces directly from East to West, and was contructed from the bedrock of the Giza Plateau. The Sphinx's name literally translates to 'Father of Dread', and has puzzled Historians for hundreds of years about it's true origins.
  • Stepped Pyramid of Djoser- Located within Saqqara, one of Egypt's oldest burial sites, this pyramid is the oldest complete stone building complex in the world, aging in at over 4,700 years old.

The model also depicts the River Nile flowing past each of the structures to add a little more colour and history, as well as an ancient Egyptian Nile Boat floating on it's surface in front of the Heliopolis Obelisk.

There are so many more amazing examples of architecture within Egypt that I simply can't leave untouched, so you can expect some updates in the future featuring more of Egypt's stunning wonders. Overall, this model comprises of 430 bricks, so it should be a reasonably quick yet enjoyable building experience, as well as a tremendous display piece.

I hope you enjoyed viewing and reading about my project as much as I did building it, and that you learnt one or two things too. Please support, follow, comment or even share this project to help it reach it's target of 10,000 supporters!

And as always, thanks for reading/viewing!