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The Medieval Forest Castle

This is my first Lego ideas contribution and I think it turned out pritty well.

About the Lego build
It's a forest castle with one tower and a beautiful wooden doorstepp.
I built it because I like to build houses and nature so I combined the two into a forest castle. I have always liked round forms so that is why I built it round.
I think the tree makes the build better and more like its in the forest.

Why it should be a Lego set
This would make a great Lego set because there are not enough forest castle sets. My build also has a lot of fun details like the ice cream representing smoke.
I thought it would look nice with a white decoration in the middle so I built that. It has lot of angles that make the build even cooler. The different colored brown in the doorstepp makes it look more like it's old because then maybe people didn't have enough wood in the same sort.

25,5 cm length
12,9 cm width
15,5 cm high

Hope you like it, please consider supporting.

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