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Lego Sofa 2.0


LEGO Sofa 2.0


This is my first Lego  furniture design, part of the livingroom project. This set is very easy to build. A cute little build; it could be included with every house set. You can change the colour if you want. I made a red and a yellow sofa, but you can build it in any Lego colour.
 It could be a perfect gift for your girlfriend, or children. Any Lego minifugure can sit on just simply remove the 2 plates and watch TV or play games. I created more mini livingroom furniture such as tables, TV, bed, bookcase or carpets which you can put together in a platfrom to create your own style.

 If you would like to make movies you can use as scenery. With 2 or more sofas you can build  longer couches or rebuild to a bed or table. 

Support it please if you like it!!

Thank you taking the time to view this project and be sure to check out my other project. Good game, and have fun.

Best Regards!!!


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