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Batman World - The Dragons

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There is a small but possible chance that you have happened upon this page without knowing what the Cuusoo website is.

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*** Batman World -The R&B Dragons- The storyboard ***

In this episode, Robin & Batman are facing super vilains in the medieval age.
As, only weapons : they have a single sword ... and an unsual mount : a Dragon !
Half animal, Half robot : The R & B Dragons are hybridly powerful.

Starring as super vilains : The riddler, the Joker and Mr Good&Evil
Starring as super heroes : Robin & Batman, also Princess (I know that some of you would have prefered Wonder Woman instead, ;) but Princess is a wink of my eyes to my beloved daugther).

*** My MOC, mini scale spirit. ***
I am a super heroes fan and also dragon fan, I thought it would be cool to mix both universes. Feel free to comment.
*** Thanks, Take care, Kiseng ***

Super vilains, leading by The Joker, have captured and put in prison Princess into the dark dungeon.
The Joker has stolen the kingdom treasures : the KungFaQi Crystals, a powerful source of magic energy, to serve his dark purpose : power a travelling portal to enslave all kingdoms from all universes.

Batman & Robin are flying with their dragons to rescue Princess and save all kingdoms from a terrible ending.

Robin : Breathe laser fire and spread your wings Hydrid R Dragon !

Batman : Time has come to save the kingdom, fly Hybrid B Dragon !

Batman & Robin : Get ready vilains ! here we are !

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