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Pingu's Funfair Fun


"Noot noot!"

Here is the second Pingu project. If you want to see the first one, click here:

This project is based on the Pingu episode "Pingu at the Funfair", sometimes known as "Pingu at the Fairground".

This set includes 8 Minifigures: Pingu, Pingu's mother and father, Pinga, two funfair workers, and two characters who don't appear in "Pingu at the Fairground": Pingj, and Robby.

It's a great day to go to the funfair! Help Pinga knock down all the cans, but don't hit the worker! Get an ice cream, and test Pingu's strength! And ride the swings for two, but don't go too high!

If you'd like to see the episode, "Pingu at the Fairground", here it is:

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