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Parker Industries


This is a project of a Lego Marvel Spider-Man, Parker Industries set.

Parker Industries a place that Peter Parker owns.

It includes 5 characters in the project.

  • 1. Peter Parker
  • 2. Harry Osborn
  • 3. Spider-Man
  • 4. New Goblin
  • 5. Doctor Octopus


Peter Parker and Harry Osborn are in the 3rd floor talking and then getting ready to suit up and fight Doctor Octopus. When they get ready you open the closet and switch them to change and start fighting Doctor Octopus outside.

It also includes New Goblin glider, pumpkin bomb, and goblin sword. 

Includes Peter camera, desk, chairs.

There is 3 floor inside Parker Industries.

You can take brick off to open closet and suit them up.

Letter P and I is on top which stands for Parker Industries.

That is all I have about the description, hope you would enjoy it.

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