Product Idea

Tracked Research Crawler

From the Arctic Circle to the Martian plains, go explore in comfort and style!


This fully equipped terranean vessel comes standard with full independent suspension, and working tracks, a spacious greenhouse style cabin, and life support systems to let you go the distance in all but the most treacherous conditions. Should you somehow manage to find yourself stranded, long range communications arrays supported by the small onboard solar panels can make sure your chances of making contact with rescue remain high. If the power runs out or otherwise needs to be conserved, fluorescent emergency ceiling lighting comes standard.  


Inside the cockpit portion of the rig, the lucky owner enjoys seating for three; a driver, navigator, and engineer. There is a bed with storage to accommodate a crew working in rotating shifts. In the mid section are two fold down seats in the window bays, where on duty staff can relax or prepare for their next excursion. 


There are snow shoes, pick axes, ice skates, research tools and weapons do defend against rabid polar bears, available here. External drawers hold other assorted gear, as well as icy treats. 


Moving further back will reveal the galley, featuring a small stove top and oven, with sink and modest prep space. Behind all of this is the chiller, stocked with soda, water, cookies, milk, and cheese. Of course, the ablutions are in the very back too. 


Ladders stow beneath the rear section on the port side of the vehicle, and internal tanks store potable water, fuel, waste, and propane, accessible from the vehicles starboard side, which has a loading bay in favor of the sliding door seen here.


Finally, a rear access point opens to the very back end of the vehicle where you'll find a small porch to enjoy expansive views and observe your tracks disappearing over the horizon as your team make steadfast ground. If you'd like to make a reconossaince mission feel free to take the motorcycle down from its rack (atmospheric conditions permitting!) and explore. There's plenty of gas and water stowed with it to make sure you're covered!


The articulated mechanical loading arm seen behind the sliding door is equipped to supply air, warmed or cooled, to a sealed suit should extreme atmospheric conditions require.


There's hardly a square mile, on this planet or any other, that this elegantly rugged vehicle isn't capable of taking you to with understated confidence and ease. 


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*Electric interior lighting is not a part of this set*