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Forest Explorers


Max and Jane have many adventures in the amazon rain-forest under the giant trees. The fort has wheels and a spot on the top to steer. Max and Jane encounter many big animals that are not tamed so they built a fort to watch the animals but not get attacked. This set is 100% portable! Perfect for road-trips or backpack accessories.  Max and Jane are a brother and sister team who explore the forests and climb mountains. Max has a rope and Jane has a red beautiful bird. When they need a resting spot they can sit down on a comfy brick seat and watch out the window at the animals. I got inspired to build this because my hobby is to go mountain hiking. 

What does this set include?

  • A fort with wheels, a giant window, upper driving spot, door and one brick seat. 
  • It has around 70 pieces.
  • It come with two Lego people.
  • The people each have an accessory. Max has a rope and Jane has a red bird.
  • This set also comes with palm bushes.

Please help my dream come true and support my set. Thank you.

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